Philips Digital Lock Easy Key 603e-W (Wood) Series Lever Lock (Installation Included*)

RM 1,688.00

Suitable for Wooden Type of Doors. Semi Auto Mortise. No auto locking.

Philips Easy Key 603E is Wi-Fi enabled, supporting you to distribute one time Pin code and check the access remotely. With the fingerprint sensor integrated into the handle , unlocking is convenient in one grip.

Comes with 2 mechanical keys also.

Built in Wi-Fi module
You can check the smart access records and Pin code information via the Philips Easy Key mobile apps anywhere. Remote distribution of a One Time Pin code with 30 minute validity saves more time for visitors. No more worries about keeping them waiting at the door even if you are not at home.

Intuitive Fingerprint
Adopted the integrated handle design with a FPC semiconductor fingerprint, the fingerprint recognition speed of Philips Easy Key 603E is quick. Pressing down the handle allows one grip to unlock and brings you a fast and intuitive opening experience.

Mute by "0" button
The "0" is used both as a digit and a mute button. Long press the "0" button for 2 seconds to enable the mute mode no matter you are in or out without disturbing your family.

Safe handle function
You can enable the safe handle feature before leaving home. After door is locked, the indoor handle will be frozen so that nobody could open the door by pressing down the inside handle. This feature can prevent children and pets from accidentally opening the door, thus eliminating security risks.

Warranty period for lockset is 3 years. Warranty period for accessories is 1 year. During warranty period, under any circumstances of normal usage (as per user manual), shall the product malfunction will be entitled to free repairs by Distributor. If there is any problems with the product within Four (4) weeks of the warranty period, purchasers are entitle to a one to one replacement of the same product or a refund.


Installation is included only for BASIC door installation not requiring additional customized accessories or equipment. Installation for security doors could require some additional accessories or equipment to ensure all deadbolt locks are working accordingly and this could require additional charges for the additional accessories or equipment. Charges is dependent on degree of customization and is to be paid by client separately.


Installation is included only for service areas within coverage by Philips Digital Lock Malaysia authorized installer team.

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