Philips Digital Lock Easy Key 303 Series

Suitable for Security Door installation Only

Realtime's on Wi-Fi connection, always know who’s at the door

The Philips DDL303-VP-5HW supports Wi-Fi networking. After binding the Tuya Smart Life App, you can view the lock parameters and access history, remotely generate a 6-hour valid temporary PIN code without space restriction, allowing relatives and friends to enter the door easily even if you are not at home.


One-click remote unlock, allowing easy life in one step 

The"#" key is used both as a doorbell button and a "#" key. When the door lock is in sleep mode and the visitor presses the "#" key, the doorbell will ring, and the camera will immediately capture the photo and uploads it to the Tuya Smart Life App.

After viewing the log message and confirming the visitor's information, you can unlock the door remotely through the Tuya Smart Life App, allowing the visitors to enter the door at ease.


3.5-inch IPS screen, clear viewing at the doorway

The inside escutcheon of the door lock equips with a quick-open handle and a rotary knob. If an emergency leads to the malfunction of the smart door lock, it does not affect the opening of the door lock. Rotating the handle or the rotary knob allows emergency egress, which could ensure the users' safety.

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