Philips Digital Lock Easy Key DDL101-3HBS Includes Installation*

RM 1,188.00

Intuitive fingerprint, one step to open the door

Enjoy an easy-to-use one-touch unlocking experience! As you hold the handle, the thumb naturally falls onto the sensor. Upon a successful verification, pressing the handle may open the door, simplifying the unlocking steps.

Semiconductor fingerprint, one grip to unlock

Adopting a semiconductor fingerprint sensor, the recognition speed of the Philips DDL101-3HBS is below 0.5 s*. Once you hold the handle, the finger may naturally fall onto the recognition area to get a one-grip unlocking, giving you a practical and quick door-opening experience.

App control, one-button to unlock

After bonding with the Tuya Smart App, Philips DDL101-3HBS can be opened by clicking the unlock button on the App, and users can also check the door lock's records such as battery level and operation logs via the App.

Two operation modes, satisfying different needs

DDL101-3HBS has two modes available, general mode and passage mode. In the general mode, after a successful fingerprint verification, pressing down the handle can unlock the door; In the passage mode, without fingerprint recognition, you can press down the handle to open the door, and that saves time and power consumption to avoid repeatedly unlock in a short period. Both modes can switch to each other to meet your exact needs.

Design for indoor use, fit for door thickness of 35-60mm*

Abandoning the thick and solid escutcheon design, the DDL101-3HBS has an ergonomic design with a fingerprint integrated into the handle, you will only need to have one touch on the fingerprint sensor to unlock the door, which simplifies the unlocking steps.  It is suitable for wooden doors between 35 and 60 mm thick, such as interior doors, office doors, etc.

Warranty period for lockset is 3 years. Warranty period for accessories is 1 year. During warranty period, under any circumstances of normal usage (as per user manual), shall the product malfunction will be entitled to free repairs by Distributor. If there is any problems with the product within Four (4) weeks of the warranty period, purchasers are entitle to a one to one replacement of the same product or a refund.


Installation is included only for BASIC door installation not requiring additional customized accessories or equipment. Installation for security doors could require some additional accessories or equipment to ensure all deadbolt locks are working accordingly and this could require additional charges for the additional accessories or equipment. Charges is dependent on degree of customization and is to be paid by client separately.


Installation is included only for service areas within coverage by Philips Digital Lock Malaysia authorized installer team. 

East Malaysia purchases will incur a surcharge of RM300 per item for logistics and transportation.

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