Philips Digital Lock Easy Key DDL608-5HWS Includes Installation*

RM 1,238.00

Suitable for narrow frame doors

Enjoy the easy and safe door lock experience brought by DDL608-5HWS! The 43mm minimalist body design allows it to fit narrow frame doors, such as aluminium alloy doors, bridge-cut-off doors, sliding doors, push-pull doors, framed doors, etc.

Slim lock body design, fit for multiple narrow frame doors

Designed with a 43mm narrow lock body, DDL608-5HWS can be installed on doors with a thickness of 35-120mm *, such as aluminium alloy doors, bridge-cut-off doors, sliding doors, push-pull doors, framed doors, etc. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios.

IP65-certified, ready for preventing dust and water

DDL608-5HWS has passed the IP65 dustproof and waterproof test, effectively preventing dust and low-pressure water from splashing and entering the door lock, which helps stabilize the product performance and last the product life span.

Realtime Wi-Fi connection, always know who’s at the door

DDL608-5HWS supports the Wi-Fi connection, and you can view the door lock access history after binding the Tuya Smart App. It does not only allow generating a one-time PIN code that only works for 5 minutes, but also setting a scheduled PIN code that can be used multiple times within a specific period, making it easy for visitors to enter the door even when you are not at home.

Various ways of unlocking, say goodbye to the key-only era

Fingerprints, PIN codes, key tags, and mechanical keys are available unlocking methods, which can meet the need of different users, and are applied to the whole family.

Warranty period for lockset is 3 years. Warranty period for accessories is 1 year. During warranty period, under any circumstances of normal usage (as per user manual), shall the product malfunction will be entitled to free repairs by Distributor. If there is any problems with the product within Four (4) weeks of the warranty period, purchasers are entitle to a one to one replacement of the same product or a refund.


Installation is included only for BASIC door installation not requiring additional customized accessories or equipment. Installation for security doors could require some additional accessories or equipment to ensure all deadbolt locks are working accordingly and this could require additional charges for the additional accessories or equipment. Charges is dependent on degree of customization and is to be paid by client separately.


Installation is included only for service areas within coverage by Philips Digital Lock Malaysia authorized installer team. 

East Malaysia purchases will incur a surcharge of RM300 per item for logistics and transportation.

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