Philips Smart Safe Box 6000 Series SBX601

RM 3,800.00 RM 4,560.00

Philips Smart Safe Box 6000 Series SBX601.

Support multiple unlocking methods with fingerprint, PIN code and mechanical key, meeting different user needs.

One-piece cabinet design and quality material create a storage space secure than ever. 

32mm solid deadbolts at three sides of the door provide excellent anti-prying performance and enhance security.

It is made in low carbon alloy, making it light while being sturdy enough to provide stable performance.

Fingerprint, PIN codes and mechanical keys, making unlocking impressively convenient and efficient.

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Brochure_Philips Smart Safe Box_EN_20220802 (1)_pages-to-jpg-0011Brochure_Philips Smart Safe Box_EN_20220802 (1)_pages-to-jpg-0012

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