Philips Smart Safe Box Series SBX501

RM 4,500.00

Crafted from low carbon alloy steel and advanced fire-resistant materials, SBX 501 ensures both fire protection security. It features an immersive digital keypad that activates with a touch, complemented by a handle-free design and automatic door opening for enhanced convenience. 



1. Warranty period of Philips Smart Safe Box : 2 years

2. Delivery time within one month.

3. Wall Plug and Safe Box Setup services are not included.

4. RM200 will be charged for wall plug service (only for model 601&701)

5. No charge for placing on the ground floor.

6. Each floor will be charged RM100 (SBX601 & SBX701) and RM300 (SBX702) starting from the first floor.

7. Shoplot delivery may vary from the above charges.

8. RM300 will be charged for the second time reschedule.

9. Customers to be advised use AA 'alkaline' batteries to prevent corrosive/ leakage issue

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