How much do you know about the five alarm functions of Philips EasyKey?

How much do you know about the five alarm functions of Philips EasyKey?

In the era of intelligence, our life is full of high-tech products. There are various intelligent alarms such as high-temperature automatic alarms, gas automatic alarms and so on.

However, as an entry-level security product, no matter the traditional lock or smart door lock, their fundamental responsibility is to keep family and life safe. Philips EasyKey also has assorted alarm functions with strong security capabilities, leaving you more security.

Abnormal latch bolt alarm

The alarm would be triggered when the lock fails to unlock or lock and the latch bolt is abnormal. For example, Philips EasyKey with full automatic mortise, its latch bolt would automatically pop out to lock the door when the door is closed. Once the door fails to fully close and the latch bolt is abnormal, the alarm would be triggered. For those who might have to repeatedly check to make sure that the door is locked before they go out, it makes them feel relieved and is effective to reduce the occurrence of family security risks.

Anti-dismantling alarm

After we have installed the smart door lock, there are still many customers who would be confused that what should we do if somebody dismantles the whole smart door lock.

Don’t worry. Philips EasyKey is equipped with an anti-dismantling alarm. If someone violently unlocks the door which makes the lock doesn’t fit well with the door, the alarm would be triggered with a “BEEP” sound. This alarm could deter someone from violently dismantling the lock. In addition, the Philips EasyKey with networked function would also send the alarm message to mobile APP and support remotely real-time alarm, leaving you more sense of security.

The outside forced alarm

For those usually on business, are you always worried about the family and door security when no one is at home for a long time? The outside forced alarm could make you feel reassured even you are not at home. Under this mode, if someone unlocks from indoors or unlocks by peephole from outdoors, the alarm would be triggered with a“BEEP” sound and the smart lock would send the alarm message to the mobile APP. Combined with the alarm from the smart door lock and the mobile APP, Philips EasyKey greatly improves the level of security. 

System lock alarm

In order to prevent the door from decoding the PIN code and fingerprint, the Philips EasyKey is equipped with system lock alarm. When the fingerprint, PIN code, or key tag are entered incorrectly for 5 consecutive times within 5 minutes, the smart door lock system will be locked for 3 minutes. Under this mode, the user couldn’t enter fingerprint and PIN code. System lock alarm, provides another "invisible lock" to the home security.

Low battery alarm

Generally, Philips EasyKey could be used 10 times a day, and used for about 10 months with 8 batteries. (Actual battery life is affected by network or other factors.) Thus, it has durable battery life. If we forget to replace the battery, the Philips smart door lock has a low battery reminding function. When the battery is lower than 20%, the voice prompt would remind ”Battery low, please replace in time”. Besides, for some Philips networked smart door locks, you could check the remaining battery directly and receive the low battery message on APP.

If you still forgot to replace the battery after the smart lock has reminded you, the Philips smart door lock has designed a Micro USB battery interface to charge. You can use normal charger power to charge the smart door lock.

Smart door lock, as a family protector, is equipped with a comprehensively intelligent alarm system that could handle violently unlocking behaviors.

The Philips EasyKey, combined with the anti-dismantling, outside forced and low battery alarms, makes the users reassured and protects your home for a whole day.

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