What makes the hidden PIN code so popular?

What makes the hidden PIN code so popular?

When we consider buying a smart door lock, the “hidden" PIN code is usually heard. Actually, many people are still confused about it. So, what is the hidden PIN code? And how to use it?  

PIN code, as a common technology, has been widely applied in our daily life like online account login, bank card and smart door lock unlocking. However, the PIN code which is pried or leaked usually happens. 

Smart door lock, as an entry-level smart appliance, would make family security at risk if the PIN code is leaked. While Philips EasyKey with hidden PIN code could effectively prevent the PIN code from leakage.  

What strengths does the hidden PIN code have?

According to some relevant surveys, most people can remember seven digits random numbers or alphabets in a short time. And we are accustomed to setting 6 or so digits as the PIN code for unlocking.

In order words, when someone is unlocking through PIN code, no matter they are passing strangers or our acquaintances, it might be easy for them to remember 6 digits PIN code. Although we can change our PIN code or use a longer PIN code to enhance security, it virtually increases the trouble of frequently changing PIN code. 

While hidden PIN code is a kind of smart anti-prying technology. If it can be ensured that the random numbers are entered before or after the real PIN code, the smart door lock can be successfully unlocked. That is “random numbers + real PIN code + random numbers”. It is effective to prevent our PIN code from leakage or leaving marks on the keypad that significantly enhances the security. The hidden PIN code has been widely applied on electrical safe boxes and smart door locks.

Philips smart door lock adopts hidden PIN code technology

Make PIN code anti-prying safer


Philips smart door lock adopts 20 or 32 digits hidden PIN code technology. When you have entered 6 to 12 digits hidden PIN code, then you can enter any digits before or after the real PIN code. It is beneficial to solve the shortage of the common PIN code unlocking. For example, setting a shorter PIN code is easier to be pried, while setting a longer PIN code is hard to remember. And frequently changing the PIN code is quite troublesome as well.


Compare with the common fixed PIN code, the hidden PIN code is longer and more complex. Besides, it can also randomly change that is a favorable method to improve security. It not only is difficult for others to guess and remember the real PIN code, but also can enter the PIN code freely even in front of your friends. 


Meanwhile, Philips EasyKey is also equipped with assorted safety functions like the outside forced lock, dual verification, multiple alerts and APP remote control, etc., which can solve the drawbacks on safety in all respects of traditional door locks and enhance home security.

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