Master these techniques! Your smart door would use longer than other 90% similar products.

Master these techniques! Your smart door would use longer than other 90% similar products.

Since having a smart door lock, most of the users feel more reassured. For example, they do not have to take the key when they are out. Or they do not need to worry about their parents’ sudden visit. However, they feel distressed about its daily maintenance like lock hole blocked, or battery oxidized. Thus, this article would show 5 common improper usages of the smart door lock in our daily life. Only using correctly could effectively extend the service lifespan of the smart door lock.

1. Gently clean and wipe

Fingerprint and PIN code are the most common unlocking methods in our daily use. These two methods usually cause direction friction between our hands and the front escutcheon. As we all know, the grease secreted by the sudoriferous gland of our hands is easy to leave stains on the surface of the escutcheon, which would lead to the insensitive fingerprint sensor and keypad, and recognition failure.

Therefore, in order to ensure the unlocking speed of fingerprint and PIN code, we need to regularly clean the fingerprint sensor and keypad. During cleaning, please pay attention to using a dry soft cloth to gently wipe the surface. If we wipe it with a wet cloth or something hard, it would result in water seepage or escutcheon scratching.

2. Do not add lubricating oil casually

According to relevant standards, the smart door lock must be equipped with a spare mechanical lock hole. But, we would easily discover that mechanical key is rarely used in our daily life. If it is not used for a long time, there would appear a situation where the key could not be inserted and rotated smoothly. Under this situation, some users would consider adding lubricating oil. Actually, this is not a good way to deal with it. The dust is prone to float on the lubricating oil. Moreover, the door lock hole would accumulate dust, which would most likely make the door lock malfunction. Hence, the right way is to smear a little graphite or pencil powder in the slot of the lock cylinder.

3. Regularly check the battery

The battery is not only the guarantee for the normal use of the smart door lock, but also an important part of safety using. During daily usage, we should regularly check the battery, especially in summer or high-temperature weather. If the battery would occur low level or leakage, please replace in time to prevent battery leakage from corroding the smart door lock.

To prolong the battery service life, it is recommended to choose alkaline batteries. Besides, be careful not to mix the old and new batteries. Lithium battery is prone to explosion when it is exposed to high-temperature circumstances. For example, in case of fire, it would cause the door fails to unlock and delay the time to escape and rescue.

4. Do not dismantle the door lock by yourself

There is always someone who enjoys dismantling something like a mobile phone, computer and even the smart door lock. But we have to acknowledge that dismantling the smart door lock without professional guidance would let you down.

Its internal structure, with build-in sophisticated and complex electronic components, is usually much more complicated than that of the traditional door lock. If non-professional tries to dismantle it, it is likely to damage its internal accessories, resulting in malfunction. Therefore, if there is something wrong with our smart door lock, we had better call the brand’s after-sales service hotline or contact the local dealer to solve it.

5. Close the door gently

Although Philips EasyKey has an automatic locking function, Some users are still accustomed to closing the door with great force. It would cause damage to the door lock. Thus, we should close the door gently and ensure that the door lock can firmly fit the door frame. Violently closing the door would impact the lifespan of the smart door lock using. 

Regular maintenance could make the smart door lock serve us better.

The above are the using techniques of the smart door lock. Let's have a try !

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