80% of people don't know! Can the video smart door lock be set like this?

80% of people don't know! Can the video smart door lock be set like this?

Under the trend of “Smart +”, the smart door lock brings us a double sense of security by virtue of convenient unlocking methods and strong security capabilities. Meanwhile, as technology is updated and iterated, the smart door lock has also been upgraded from traditional security modes to remote initiative security mode.

Referring to "initiative security", we have to mention the PIR motion detection technology of the Philips DDL702-1HW visual smart door lock.

PIR motion detection

Widely used in home security

PIR motion detection is a detection technology that can detect infrared rays emitted by the human body and output electrical signals. Under normal circumstances, objects with temperature are able to generate heat radiation to the outside. Objects with different temperatures radiate at different wavelengths. For example, our human body temperature is generally at 37°C, which can continue to radiate infrared rays with a wavelength of about 10μm.

Therefore, when a person passes through the detection area, the PIR detector can receive the temperature change of the infrared radiation of the human body and lose the charge balance, and release the charge outward. After the detection, it will generate alert information and trigger the induction reminder. This technology is widely used in the home security field.

Philips EasyKey PIR smart detection

Customized settings with fully-humanized design

In order to realize smart detection and movement warning, Philips DDL702-1HW visual smart door lock has a built-in PIR detector, which cooperates with an AI humanoid detection algorithm to form a three-dimensional alert. When there is someone who is abnormally staying within 5 meters in the front of the door, the smart door lock will immediately snapshot or video. Then it will push messages to the mobile APP through the Cloud encryption server, giving you real-time alerts and smart defense.

In addition, the sensitivity level of the detection can also be dynamically adjusted through the mobile phone APP, and the detection distance and stay time can be customized to meet the needs of different house types. Among them, the detection distance can be customized within the range of 1 to 5 meters, and the length of stay can be customized within 1 to 30 seconds.

As we can see, the PIR motion detection technology can easily enable the intelligent defense, which is if nobody stays abnormally in front of the door, the smart door lock would be in dormant standby mode. Otherwise, it would trigger the alert and immediately send the message to remind the users on the mobile APP. With the strengths of high sensitivity and lower energy consumption, this technology plays a messenger role and triggers the alert to remind in time once abnormal staying occurs outside the door. It ensures your home safety for 24 hours.

Philips DDL702-1HW visual smart door lock, showing you every move in front of the door and leaving no room for hidden danger outside the door.

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