What amazing functions do the Philips smart door locks have?

What amazing functions do the Philips smart door locks have?

For a long time, Philips smart door lock insists on innovation, research and development. Having comprehensive product systems and diversified designs, Philips smart lock satisfies the various demands of the customer on door locks in all respects. This article will show you the assorted functions of the Philips smart door locks.

Multiple unlocking methods

The door lock, as the first dense line between the inside and outside the home, sometimes brings us some inconveniences. For example, parents with infants couldn’t free their hands to unlock the door when they are holding their babies. The elderly usually forget to take their keys when they go out. While having a smart lock could make you get rid of these embarrassing situations.

Having multiple unlocking methods, Philips smart door lock lets you get rid of key-related hassles.

Unlocking by fingerprint. It employs a semiconductor fingerprint sensor and opens the door upon touching.

Unlocking by PIN code. It allows the hidden PIN code which could prevent the PIN code from peeping.

Unlocking by key tag. It adopts a CPU with a high level of anti-faking capability, fast recognition speed, which is not easy to be copied and cracked.

Unlocked by mechanical key. It employs a hidden C-grade lock cylinder that prevents lock picking for more than 270 minutes and strengthens the anti-theft capability.

Unlocked on APP. The door could be opened when the lock connects Bluetooth on APP and unlocks within a short distance.

Unlocking by temporary PIN code. It allows you to remotely share temporary PIN codes with visitors when you are out.

Multiple alerts

No matter the traditional lock or the smart lock, as an entry-level safety product, its mission is to protect the safety and property of the user. Philips smart door lock is characterized by multiple alerts which could effectively reduce the potential safety risks. For example:

Abnormal latch bolt alert. The alert would be triggered when the user fails to unlock or lock the door.

Low battery alert. When the battery level is lower than 20%, the voice prompt would remind of “Battery low, please replace it”.

Anti-dismantling alert. It would be triggered when the door crack is pried and the sensor latch bolt is popped out, or the outside escutcheon is pried and doesn’t fit well with the door.

Outside forced alert. The alert would be triggered if the door is unlocked from indoors. Besides, the Philips networked smart door lock could also send real-time alert information to APP, which makes the user easily know the situation even they are not at home.

Multiple network connection methods

With the development of front-tier technologies like AI and IoT, smart life has become popular among households. Moreover, remote control has continued to become a new trend and the smart lock industry is also included.

Philips smart lock is always dedicated to researching and developing more new products. These two years, it has upgraded several networked smart locks like the Gateway smart lock 9300 and Wi-Fi smart lock DDL702E. Each of them is equipped with remote controlling on APP such as checking the lock record, PIN code and alert records, etc.

Featured with various and convenient unlocking methods, high-level security functions and comfortable using experience, Philips smart door lock closely follows the development trend of this industry and continuously innovates on technology for providing smart locks with more comprehensive functions.

Satisfying the various demands on lock, Philips smart door lock is a good option for you.

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