As for Philips DDL702 facial recognition smart lock, all you want to know is here !

As for Philips DDL702 facial recognition smart lock, all you want to know is here !


With the increasing demand for lock convenience, the smart lock becomes the first choice of many families in recent years. Under the support of technology upgrading and policy, facial recognition technology is gradually applied on smart locks and gain more attention in public except fingerprint unlocking. This article will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on Philips DDL702-8HW about its uniqueness.

Dual cameras to distinguish the real and the fake

It is designed with dual cameras to simulate human vision imaging and acquire three-dimensional data, prevents 2D Planar imaging from information losing and achieves 3D vision imaging. In this way, it can easily distinguish photos, videos and makeup which reflects its higher safety.

Ultrasonic induction, energy-saving and high efficiency

The smart lock adopts the Japanese TDK ultrasonic sensor, when something gets closer and stays in front of the door, the ultrasonic induction will make a quick judgment based on the information feedback. When someone gets closer, then the facial recognition would be awakened. The battery consumption of the ultrasonic sensor is only 10% of the traditional infrared sensor, which can guarantee its long-lasting battery with high efficiency and energy-saving.

No fear of darkness, fully capture the facial information

Philips smart lock DDL702 has an intelligent fill-in light function. It can accurately capture facial information even though in dark and adapt various light intensities. Besides, its wide-angle covering can scan the facial specification around the height between 125cm to 200cm.

Wi-Fi connection, more freedom

Philips smart lock DDL702 has a built-in Wi-Fi module that can combine with the APP. The user can check the lock and password information and master the lock status anytime without the distance limitation. Meanwhile, the user can send a temporary password with 30 minutes valid time when your visitor came but nobody at home.

Hidden fingerprint recognition design, more durable

Philips smart lock DDL702 fingerprint sensor is hidden on the inside handle. When you hold the handle, the sensor can detect your fingerprint. After the successful fingerprint recognition verification, the door can be opened. It meets the ergonomic design and extends its using lifespan.

Indoor induction unlocking once you put your hand on it

The indoor handle has a touching sensor and infrared sensor. When you touch the touching sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction, the door can be unlocked. Without any unnecessary operation, it is easier to lock the door

Attractive appearance and elegant design

The smart lock can not only make you feel safe, but also its attractive design can make your home stand out from others. DDL702 adopts an electroplating finish which electroplates alloy on the outside escutcheon surface to improve its wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the front escutcheon is treated with a glossy finish, showing a sense of elegance. It involves black and red copper colors.

Use technology to deal with the hassle, and enjoy intelligent and convenient life. Philips smart lock DDL702 combines safety, convenience, high efficiency, environmentally friendly and beauty, and makes your life easier.

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