The smart choice to upgrade your door locks

The smart choice to upgrade your door locks

If you are having thoughts about adding to the current security level of your home and are unsure if it’s worth investing your money in an entire home security system, read the list of following questions:

  1. Are you one of those forgetful people who keep on losing their keys?
  2. Have you ever locked yourself out of your home and had to call a locksmith for rescue?
  3. Do you often wonder while at work if you properly locked your door or not?
  4. Have the recent increase in reports of intrusions and thefts came to your notice?
  5. Do you think it’s not smart to hide an emergency key under the doormat or over the door frame?
  6. Do you have a hard time trusting your neighbours with your spare key?
  7. Are you concerned about the security of your home when you are at work?
  8. Do you want to have real security rather than just security cameras?
  9. Do you wish you could have the house help come and clean your house while you are at work without compromising on security? Are you unsure of handing out the spare key to the house help/babysitter/dog walker?
  10. Do you leave young children behind and worry about their security? 
  11. Are you planning to rent out your living space or getting a roommate?
  12. Do you have elderly parents living with you who have a hard time keeping a track of key?
  13. Do you have a careless roommate who keeps on losing his key and it makes you uncomfortable?
  14. How can you make sure no one can unlock your door even from inside when you are not around?
  15. Do you want to have an alarm system but don’t want to spend a fortune on home security?
  16. Do you want to upgrade the security of your home to the James Bond-level?


If the answer to any of the above-given answer is yes, it is essential for your peace of mind that you should upgrade your home security. But don’t worry you do not have to spend all your savings to buy a security system that will only videotape the intrusion and if you are lucky and intruder crosses path with the sensor it will send you alerts. We also understand that you do not have money to have constant surveillance team monitor your house 24/7. You can not put a price on privacy or peace of mind but we all have a budget we need to work in. Therefore we are offering you a more cost-effective solution. Have a digital door lock installed at your home which grants access only through biometric identification! Vola, you have the James Bond-level security without spending all your life savings.

Make a smart choice about the security of your home because you deserve better than just some video recording cameras. You need technology that can send you alerts in real-time in case of any violation of security.

When it is easy to make a duplicate of physical keys, it is near to impossible to surpass biometric security. It will take a very ambitious theif with the skill set of James Bond to compromise the security of biometric powered digital door lock. These locks will also send you alerts in case of any unauthorized attempts to access or any physical assault or manipulation towards the lock. 

 With biometric identification, you can rest assured that no unwanted intruders can get into your house. A smart lock will allow you to enjoy a high level of security with remote access and monitoring options and keyless convenience. You can hand out temporary access codes, one-time-use codes or the passwords that work only during certain hours of a day to your house help/baby sitters/dog walkers/friends and neighbours. Now you will not have to pay the price of someone else carelessness as your doors are better secured with smart locks. You can check and change the status of your lock even when you are at work. 

We at Nino Digital System are committed to offering the best services to our client. Being the largest distributor of Philips door locks we feel it is our responsibility to bring the best services for the convince of our customer. With years of hard work and commitment, we have earned a reputation as a reliable supplier of authentic and high-quality products. Please refer to our product list for a variety of smart locks available with us.

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