How can Family Safety be “visible” with the arrival of the Home Service Era?

How can Family Safety be “visible” with the arrival of the Home Service Era?

With the changes in the demographic structure, the gradual increase in the size of the elderly, and the upgrading of the consumption-ability of the younger generation, the demand for services in the home is constantly increasing.

The home service industry is gradually showing new development trends which is the development from the traditional nanny cleaning business to the new sub-service contents such as home appliance cleaning, tidying and storage, and pet care.

The Home Service Industry is Fast Developing

Home service is based on the place of residence as the core. Practitioners provide home services for a period of time, including home appliance repair, interior decoration, and storage, as well as services such as baby care, elderly care, and parenting guidance.

According to the data report, the average monthly usage frequency and usage time per capita in the life service industry increased to 61.5 times and 126.4 minutes respectively in June 2020. It can be seen that the demand for home services has returned to normal under the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Moreover, with the continuous promotion of home service policies, the service level and quality of home service practitioners have been effectively improved in recent years and the public has also enjoyed higher-quality and comprehensive home services.

Safe Access Becomes the Key to Home Service

The home service industry is an important part of the service industry and its demand is constantly increasing. However, it is particularly important to improve the security access standards of families due to the privacy and face-to-face nature of home services.

At present, many industry brands have begun to provide systematic, comprehensive, and precise professional training for home service practitioners. A procedure such as written examinations, physical examinations, and interviews are carried out to select high-quality home service talents. The purpose is to improve families’ security access standards.

Philips Digital Lock Makes Security “Visible”

The home service industry has brought great convenience to our lives but safety is still an issue that we need to pay attention to. In order to secure our home, installing a Philips Digital Lock 9300 on the door is a smart choice.

The Philips Smart Lock 9300 not only has security features such as one-button arming, multiple alarms, and double verification. It can also be linked with the smart peephole to communicate with visitors in real-time through the Philips Digital Lock application and remotely view through the smart peephole.

That is to say, when the cleaning aunt and maintenance workers come to service, you can use the mobile phone application to conduct remote visual intercommunication with them whether you are at home or not. After confirming the safety, you can also open the door through the mobile phone application.

Not only that, when an abnormal situation occurs outside the door such as a door lock or smart peephole being pried, the Philips Digital Lock 9300 will also send an alarm immediately. It will take photos and videos and upload them to the cloud storage, actively push relevant information to the application at the same time. Philips Digital Lock provides you 24-hour smart monitoring.

In short, the demand for home services is constantly being increased under the influence of the improvement of people's living standards. Philips Digital Locks protect the safety of homes, make home services more professional, more convenient, and safer at the same time.

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