Why do you need to install a smart lock if you live alone ?

Why do you need to install a smart lock if you live alone ?

During the Spring Festival this year, more than 100 million people in China chose to celebrate the New Year without going back to their hometown. For many youths who stayed at work to celebrate the New Year, they have the New Year's Eve dinner, bringing their pets to celebrate the New Year, home fitness and other entertainments only by themselves.

According to the data from a food delivery service, from the 28th to the New Year’s Eve of the lunar calendar, the food delivery platform saw a four-fold increase in the delivery of New Year’s Eve dinners year-on-year, and single-person take-out orders doubled year-on-year.

Living alone has increasingly become the mainstream lifestyle of young people. According to data, the number of adults living alone in China will rise to 92 million in 2021.

Helplessness of Living Alone

I believe that most people have experienced the helplessness of living alone, such as no one to take care of when they are sick, no way to ask for help when in danger, or always accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom or outside the house.

During the Spring Festival, a girl stayed in Beijing alone to celebrate the New Year but was trapped in the bathroom because the door lock was damaged. Since she did not bring her mobile phone, she could only tap on the bathroom pipe to attract the attention of neighbours. She finally getting rescued after being trapped for 30 hours.

Some netizens once said: I packed my things at home until 11 o'clock in the evening and went home after throwing trash and found that the door was locked, unfortunately the key was not taken, the phone was not brought, and I was wearing a pair of thin pyjamas in the cold winter night. I went downstairs and asked the uncle security guard to call the locksmith. Finally, I spent 200 RMB to change the new lock and entered the door at 2 o'clock in the morning.

With the continuous growth of the living-alone population, news such as "living alone poses a threat" have occurred frequently. Therefore, how to ensure the safety of living alone is particularly important.

Protect the Safety of Living Alone

Due to the technological development and consumption upgrades, more and more young people living alone have begun to use convenient and safe smart home products to create a more comfortable and safe living. As the vital first line of defense for entering the home, smart locks play a key role in ensuring the safety of living alone.

The Philips Digital Lock has a variety of unlocking methods such as fingerprints, passwords, and face screening, which can easily solve the problem of leaving home and forget the key along. It adopts the highest standard C-level lock cylinder on the market. The anti-technical unlocking time is more than 270 minutes. The dual authentication mode, multiple alarms and other functions reduce the risk of password leakage while protecting home safety and enhancing the sense of security of living alone.

In addition, Philips Digital Lock DDL702 adopts Wi-Fi long-connection networking mode. By clicking the video button on the Philips application, you can check the situation at the door at any time, extending the security defence to the outside of the door and realizing smart housekeeping.

At the same time, there is a built-in PIR infrared sensor. When someone appears within 3m of the door, the AI humanoid detection algorithm recognizes abnormal dynamics, instantly captures photos or video, and pushes reminder messages to the mobile phone application. This can effectively avoiding the safety hazards of living alone, creating a safe and comfortable space.

Some Tips for Living Alone

1. Even if you are at home, you must carry your communication equipment with you and make sure it has enough battery, so that you can ask for help in time when you encounter difficulties.

2. Fill in the gender as male when ordering take-out or express delivery, and ask the courier to put the item at the door when delivering it to the door.

3. Women living alone can put a pair of men's shoes in the hallway and hang a few large jerseys on the balcony.

4. When throwing garbage, be careful to clean up the parts with personal information, such as courier slips.

5. Regularly invite friends to have dinner at home, and regularly contact family members on the phone.

6. Prepare various types of batteries and flashlights to prevent inconvenience caused by power outages.

It can be seen that living alone is a comfortable living condition when you have a good door lock. Philips Digital Lock makes living alone safer.

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